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Paul Howard Realty is an Exclusive Buyers Office (EBO). We are licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we exclusively serve home buyers.

For a home in New Jersey Email: Paul@SouthJerseyHomes.com

For Bucks, Montgomery or Philadelphia county in PA contact Marc Birnbaum.

For other regions/states see www.naeba.org

The ease with which we use collaborative and transparent communications during the home search with our clients is second to none. We are also one of the few companies that will facilitate your transaction using electronic signatures via Docusign.

We are members of NAEBA (National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents)

Others may say they will be 'fair' to you. We say we will represent you. Fairness is not representation.
Fairness means I'm not going to cheat you;
means I'm going to take care of you. ~James Warkentin

Demand loyalty IN WRITING

We represent home buyers.
Avoid BA BS(Buyer Agent -Bait and Switch )
Many Buyer Agents will BS consumers. You can see it in both their advertising and their 'disclosure'.
Our promise: Our company will never switch in the middle of your home search. We ONLY represent home buyers so you know that you will get a buyer's agent that will remain a buyer's agent -not a dual agent. Unless you have an exclusive buyer agent working for you - you may not get full disclosure of information you need. You may save thousands of dollars by using an exclusive buyers' agent.

We welcome and encourage referrals from real estate attorneys and accountants. Home buyers often need legal and financial advice as well as representation and assistance in their home purchase.  The process is usually not complicated and with honest competent representation a home purchase should be both personally and financially rewarding.

Paul Howard Realty
80 Barclay Center Suite 4A
Cherry Hill NJ 08034

All else being equal, home buyers are better represented by exclusive buyer agents.

This is reinforced by an article in Kipplinger and at NAEBA.org Of course, any licensed agent can be a buyer's agent , but few can guarantee to maintain that relationship throughout your home search. Look at the buyer agent contract they offer. Almost all will ask you to permit them to work as a "dual agent" (ie represent the seller as well) if they get the opportunity.  That is good for them- but not for you.  I GUARANTEE-in writing- that I will ONLY work FOR you as YOUR agent - never as a dual agent.

I am a full time buyer's agent . If you are not sure that "your agent" is a full time buyer's agent just ask if their office lists homes for sale. If they do, the agent is not a full time buyer's agent and may actually be working for the seller instead of for you. Full time buyer's agents are professional, knowledgeable, experienced, committed and well - full time.


We have thousands of homes for sale.

When choosing an agent to help you buy one you must also compare the companies and the policies those agents must follow.

Proactive due dilligence.

As an agent representing home buyers I try to look deeper than the surface. One goal is to avoid home inspection surprises. Although I'm not a home inspector I still look for problems that may come up. A few of the things I look for are:

  1. Termite damage/activity
  2. Basement foundation problems
  3. Roof age/condition
  4. grading issues
  5. Signs of existing or previous underground oil tanks
  6. Work done without permits
  7. Don't forget to look and see if the windows in an old house have been upgraded

The more you know about the house before you make an offer the better and the fewer surprises you have when it comes to your home inspection the better.

We can help you get preapproved for financing if you need it. When you choose a lender you should look for experience and knowledge and good rates.

  • National Association of Realtors
  • Burlington Camden County Association of Realtors
  • Consumer Certified Real Estate Consultant (CCREC).
  • National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (www.naeba.org)
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
  • Accredited buyer representative (ABR)
  • Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)

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Military Relocation
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PCS? Thinking about buying a home in the area? I've helped military personnel with home purchases within commuting distance of the base, since 1998. I live in Medford Lakes - which is also within commuting distance of the base.

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